Offering an unrivaled ability for shallow kick-off

A short conductor is integrated into the CAN in the workshop and installed as one package by a vessel (anchor handler, offshore construction vessel).


This clever combination offers simplified P&A operations (saving 2-4 days) in addition to mitigating a series of common top-hole related risks.


Significant cost savings and it's unrivaled capacity for shallow kick-off are key drivers for use.

In the North Sea Wisting Central II well, the CAN enabled kick off to start at 10 m, ensuring that the reservoir could be penetrated horizontally at 250 m.  This set a new drilling record as the shallowest horizontal offshore well drilled from a floating drilling facility.

CAN-ductor installation from a vessel

As the CAN-ductor is installed from a vessel ahead of rig arrival the the 36’’ (42’’) hole drilling, conductor running and cementing operations are removed from the rig schedule. Consequently, safety is improved with the reduction in heavy lift handling and the ‘environmental footprint’ will be reduced.


The CAN concept offers unparalleled load capacities for single production wells, and easy integration of protection structures and pre-installation of flow lines, etc.


Exploration wells (mainly)


Load carrier for conductor jetting

Pre-rig installed conductor benefits

Independent of rig schedule


Saves rig time

Reduces open water time


Saves 1 cement job


Simplified P&A


Cuts costs

Critically the CAN-ductor provides a reliable well head foundation with radically improved stability compared to conventional well heads.  In the 22 projects carried out to date CAN has a proven inclination < 1 deg.


In addition, CAN overcomes fatigue issues with less, or no risk, of fatigue issues while installed. This removes the risk of reduced operations time, which can occur due to fatigue.

Verified load capacity


Verified inclination


Fatigue management


Shallow kick-off possible


Less cuttings


Less cementing

Reference projects


Year: 2015

Region: North Sea
Water depth: 402 m
Final inclination: 0.18 degrees
CAN-ductor (pre-installed)

Wisting Central II

OMV - 2015

Spirit Energy

Year: 2014
Region: North Sea
Water depth: 1444 m
Final inclination: 0.42 degrees
Conductor drive: Jetted


Spirit Energy - 2014

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