An early production enabler – accelerating cashflow

Leading the way towards the next generation subsea solution, the CAN-integrator facilitates early production by enabling pre-rig well construction and marine operations.

Acting as an integrator between drilling, SPS (Subsea Production System) and SURF (Subsea, Umbilical, Riser, Flowlines) installation operations, SPS equipment is mounted on the CAN in the workshop before being covered with the integrator protection structure.


For all subsea development wells


Suitable for harsh environments


Shallow kick-off


Shorter wells

Items such as skids, boosters or injection pumps, X-mas tree assets, pig receivers etc. can all be installed onto the CAN-integrator, opening the door to the next–generation subsea solution.


Once installed, the CAN-integrator fixes the exact well location and can be used as a hub to perform pre-rig well construction. In doing so, well construction, SPS/SURF installation and testing can all take place prior to the rig arriving on location.


Drilling operations benefits

Integrated conductor


Reduces rig scope by
3+ days per well

Top-hole activity off critical path

 SPS equipment pre-mounted

Trawl protection mounted
on the CAN (replacing large
protection structure)

Simplified equipment set up




Reduced project execution time


Early production enabler

Risk benefits

Improved project predictability due to manageable drilling


Wellhead fatigue life increased


Accidental load protection

Equinor and other companies are already adopting CAN as the foundation for their own innovations.

Neodrill welcomes collaboration and partnerships with organisations wishing to utilise CAN technology for their own technological advances.

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