Exploration well products

  • CAN-basic

    Very soft seabeds
    Load carrier for conductor jetting
    High conductor load capacity
    Shorter conductor (2-3 joints)
    Jetted Conductor
    Drilled & Cemented Conductor
    Immediate drill-ahead
    No waiting on cement

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  • CAN-ductor

    Exploration and production wells
    Shallow reservoirs
    Pre-rig installed conductor
    Saves 1 cement job
    Simplified P&A
    Saves rig time
    Cuts costs

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  • CAN-slender

    Slender wells
    Shallow wells
    LP and HP wellhead integrated into CAN with 20” pipe
    Drill slender well with conventional equipment
    Alternative to wells with tapered surface casing
    No top-hole cementing

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