Exploration well products

The CAN® (Conductor Anchor Node), the base product of Neodrill, is a combination of a suction anchor and a guide pipe as a through going conduit. The suction anchor is used for pushing the guide pipe into the seabed and for providing top support for the conductor. This novel and patented approach of installing a subsea wellhead foundation was developed in order to facilitate installation of conductors with light vessels and subsea conductor driving. Primarily applicable to installations in soft sea beds, more than 20 CAN® installations have proven the practicality of the CAN approach.

The CAN-ductor is intended for cost saving, operation simplification and for the development of shallow reservoirs. A short conductor is integrated into the CAN® in the workshop and installed as one package by a vessel. This clever combination also offers simplified P&A operations in addition to mitigating a series of common top-hole related risks. Significant cost savings are the main driver for its application in addition to unequalled capacity for shallow kick-off.

With high pressure housing integrated into CAN, the CAN-slender is an enabler for slender well drilling using conventional equipment.

  • CAN-basic

    Very soft seabeds
    Load carrier for conductor jetting
    High conductor load capacity
    Shorter conductor (2-3 joints)
    Jetted Conductor
    Drilled & Cemented Conductor
    Immediate drill-ahead
    No waiting on cement

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  • CAN-ductor

    Exploration and production wells
    Shallow reservoirs
    Pre-rig installed conductor
    Saves 1 cement job
    Simplified P&A
    Saves rig time
    Cuts costs

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  • CAN-slender

    Slender wells
    Shallow wells
    LP and HP wellhead integrated into CAN with 20” pipe
    Drill slender well with conventional equipment
    Alternative to wells with tapered surface casing
    No top-hole cementing

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