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CAN helps operators ascertain the value of their assets in an operationally and commercially efficient manner.

The CAN-ductor solution is ideal for exploration. Since the conductor is recovered with the CAN, it simplifies the P&A (Plug & Abandonment) operations and mitigates a series of common top-hole risks, as the rig only needs to cut the surface casing before leaving the location. 


A vessel is then able to retrieve the CAN, which typically takes less than 24 hours on-location to complete. Once recovered by a vessel, the CAN is refurbished onshore and available for deployment to another location. 

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Today the Neodrill team offers a full-service Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) solution. Through long-term cooperation with sub-suppliers and partners, the Neodrill team manages all aspects of a CAN installation - from designing the CAN solution best suited to the soil conditions, to organizing the installation vessel and delivery.

By utilising collective experience and knowledge from previous projects, cost associated with CAN installation projects have been significantly reduced over time, in some cases up to 50%.

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Cost savings (2 - 4 rig days)
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  • Pre-rig well construction

  • First cement job omitted

  • No conductor cementing, no top-up risk

  • Spud with smaller BHA

  • Simplified logistics

  • Simplified P&A

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Setting a new drilling record

Wisting Central II

CAN has an unrivalled capacity to facilitate shallow kick-off, having been field proven in the Barents Sea for top reservoir at 250 m.


In the Wisting Central II well, the CAN enabled kick-off to start at 10 m, ensuring that the reservoir could be penetrated horizontally at 250 m below the mudline. This set a new drilling record as the shallowest horizontal offshore well drilled from a floating drilling facility.

Risk management
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  • Installation quality verified pre-rig arrival

  • Higher well load capacities

  • Fatigue management

  • Reduced open-water rig operations

  • Risk management according to ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable)

Environmental impact
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  • Reduced emissions 

  • Vessel vs rig 

  • Less cement dump 

  • Less mud dump 

  • Reduced volume of cuttings 

    • Enviro-safe, closed loop mud circulation enabled (0% emissions) 

    • BAP (Best Available Practice) HSE 

    • Hands-off conductor installation 

    • Reduced heavy lifts 

    • Simplified logistics 

    • BAP (Best Available Practice) 

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As we all strive to support global and industry initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, our CAN technology has been proven to help customers reduce their emissions.



CAN offers multiple opportunities as the foundation technology to enable other advancements in subsea solutions.



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