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Accelerate time to first oil with pre-rig well construction and marine operations. 

The CAN-integrator enables modular field equipment to be added to the CAN-basic prior to installation. It is an integrator between drilling, SPS (Subsea Production System) and SURF (Subsea, Umbilical, Riser, Flowlines) installation operations. This pioneering force within the CAN technology suite is leading the way toward a next-generation subsea solution for production wells.  


Equinor has purchased a licence to use the Neodrill technology under the brand name CAP-X, and the first use was on the Bauge field.

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Simplified equipment set-up saves 2 - 4 rig days 

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With the CAN-integrator, SPS equipment is mounted on the CAN-basic in the workshop for pre-rig installation. No need for metrology, spool engineering, fabrication and marine installation. 

Easy integration of conductors and protectors 

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As with all CAN solutions, the CAN-integrator works well with other CAN technologies which enabling integration of conductors (CAN-ductor) and protectors. 

Suitable for harsh environments 

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CAN solutions also have an unrivalled capacity for shallow kick-off, and proven success in shorter wells. 

Risk reduction 

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CAN solutions universally extend the longevity of structural wellhead foundations, including increased well fatigue life. 

Modular field equipment mounted onshore 

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Items such as skids, boosters or injection pumps, X-mas tree assets, pig receivers, etc, can all be installed onto the CAN-integrator. 

Hub for pre-rig construction

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Once installed, the CAN-integrator fixes the exact well location and can be used as a hub to perform pre-rig well construction. In doing so, well construction, SPS/SURF installation, and testing can all take place prior to the rig arriving on location. 

Improved project predictability 

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Compared to conventional field development time, the CAN-integrator reduces project execution time, allows operators to schedule with increased certainty, and provides a manageable drilling window. 

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For all subsea development wells

The CAN-integrator enables opportunities for accelerated production through its streamlined development and installation timeline

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