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The CAN-booster proposes an alternative fully rigless solution for hosting your Electrical Submerged Pumps (ESP).

A vessel installed CAN unit will allow for a well-protected sub seabed location for your ESPs where your production flow can be routed through and boosted to surface. This takes ESPs away from your costly downhole well completions and allow for Light Well intervention to replace your ESP module without having to intervene the production well itself. By going with a CAN-booster you can easily re-route your production during ESP module change out, either by simply bypassing or routing to a secondary CAN-booster, ensuring your production is not interrupted.


The reduction in oil pressure from a well over time is a common phenomenon in the life of an oil reservoir. Several factors contribute to this decline in pressure. As oil is extracted from the reservoir, the pressure within the reservoir decreases. Initially, oil wells often experience a natural flow of oil due to the pressure in the reservoir. However, as more oil is produced, the pressure decreases, and the natural flow diminishes.

It is known to use pumps, such as electric submersible pumps (ESP), in oilwells to increase pressure and facilitate production of oil. The ESP is often submerged into the wellbore, 20 typically deep within the well, and is designed to push fluids, including oil, to the surface. However, installing ESPs by retrofitting them into the well can present significant challenges, including limited space and available power downhole, also taking into account that such pumps are usually quite large, even if they can be customized to specific wellbore dimensions.

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Uses CAN-booster as foundation

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The CAN-booster is a solid foundation that can also accommodate riser connection and related equipment fitted to the top of the CAN.

Enables ESP efficiency

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The CAN-booster can accommodate 2 individual ESP's, one spare, to enable uninterrupted oil production by  switching to spare ESP when main ESP must be serviced or replaced.

Works with multiwell solutions

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The CAN-booster can be applied for multi-well solutions, with and without protection systems. 

Reduced installation cost 

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Simple standard design leads to reduced installation cost as the CAN-booster is installed by a vessel, hence no need for drilling rig intervention.

Easy access to ESP equipment 

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The CAN-booster provides full access to the ESP from a vessel that can service and replace the ESP and other relevant equipment mounted on the CAN such as riser connection. 


For all subsea development wells

The CAN-protector enables opportunities for accelerated production through its streamlined development and installation timeline.

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