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A full-service lean Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation solution for the subsea well top-hole and structural foundation for conductor stability.

With CAN-complete, the Neodrill team manages all aspects of a CAN installation - from designing the CAN solution best suited to the soil conditions, to organising the installation vessel for delivery.

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Simplified process for clients 

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By managing all aspects of a CAN installation, we remove unnecessary interfaces with multiple suppliers and reduce the number of internal client resources required.

Reduced installation costs 

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We estimate CAN-complete will reduce the cost of subsea well top-hole and structural foundations by up to 50%. 

Reduced lead time 

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Neodrill’s experienced team streamlines processes and reduces lead time where possible. 

Collective experience and learning from over 40 CAN installations 

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Our team of highly skilled engineers and project managers will always recommend the best solution for your well conditions. 

Optimises cut and recover services 

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When it comes to abandonment, the surface casing is latterly cut from a vessel, using a casing cutting tool. This optimised process removes the need for unnecessary, expensive rig time in the abandonment phase. 

Multi-client campaign delivery

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We offer multi-client campaigns to reduce costs, when possible. 

Simplified process for clients 

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For the installation and subsea activity, we will work with the best available partner for the project. To support this approach, we have partnership agreements in place and work closely with selected key suppliers. 


Ross Offshore will act as Neodrill's marine and chartering department for relevant projects in Norway and the UK.

"We have previously worked with Neodrill on several projects, towards the same goal of safe and efficient CAN installations for our clients. This partnership will capture both companies expertise, giving the market access to a tailormade EPCI solution for this scope."

- VP Ross Offshore, Operations, Jarl Vespestad


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