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Our approach is simple, we start with a CAN. 

CAN is our foundation for innovation.  Adopting a “lego brick” style approach, we use our pioneering spirit to remaster challenges in the pre-rig well construction process to create, or enable, the next era of subsea solutions. 


We are redefining the standard in structural wellhead foundations.

Our first solution was the CAN-ductor, which saw us integrate a short conductor into the CAN in the workshop, enabling us to install it as one unit by a vessel.


Next the CAN-integrator and CAN-WSS have both built upon the CAN-ductor to redefine the possibilities in top hole construction. 

Recognizing the CAN's potential, we developed CAN-parking to eliminate prolonged surface recovery.

To support installation and recovery operations, we established CAN-complete, offering a cost-effective and low carbon solution.



With the CAN providing a technically superior solution to deliver a structural wellhead foundation, there are a range of opportunities to work with key partners to expand on this approach to address various wellhead issues. 

Wellhead support system

With DP operated deepwater drilling rigs increasingly being used on shallow water wells, there is an underlying threat of “drift-off” as well as a reduction in fatigue life of the wellhead. 


The CAN-WSS (Wellhead Support System) protects the wellhead during drilling operations and gives you a virgin wellhead for the production life of the well. 

This is particularly important for keeper wells.

Reuse of old wells (slot recovery)

The reuse of subsea well slots allows operators to access the reservoir without adding new infrastructure for the purpose of injecting CO2. This generates value through reduced rig time. Some old wells are not suited for the new and heavy BOPs due to unknown fatigue lifetime and/or load capacity.

Using the CAN to support the top of the well with the Wellhead Saver System (WSS) enables safe re-entry of the well.

Single subsea production wells

Conventional single production well design requires the well to be drilled and completed before flow lines pull-in, connection of umbilicals, tree installation, etc. are done with another specialized vessel. This costly time delay between well completion and production start-up sometimes amounting to several weeks can be reduced with the CAN technology. 

The CAN technology enables marine and SURF operations to be carried out before the rig arrives on location, saving time, costs and giving reduced project execution time and early production.

Subsea template solutions

We have remastered the pre-rig well construction process and design for the subsea template market. Improving safety and well integrity, all of our subsea template solutions can be used across wells of varying conditions.

These subsea template solutions result in an estimated rig time saving of 2-4 days per well plus 500 metric tonnes reduced CO2 emissions for the top hole section of the well.

Plug and abandonment

Subsea wells that are temporarily abandoned may require a BOP to re-enter to permanently plug the well. Some of these wells are not suited for the new and heavy BOP's due to unknown fatigue lifetime and/or limited load capacity.

Using the CAN to support the top of the well and the Wellhead Saver System (WSS) enables safe re-entry of the well.

CAN for BOP parking

Wet storage of BOP and subsea trees, eliminating prolonged surface recovery.

BOP and subsea trees are frequently recovered to surface due to unplanned events. Extensive service and testing is typically required before redeployment. By offering a wet storage alternative, CAN-parking can save time and costs when the unforeseen occurs.

The units have a load capacity from 50 to 500 mT and can be provided with integrated HPWHH and guidepost receptacles for use as a BOP and XT parking position. This is especially useful in field developments with multi-well drilling. 

Subsea solutions
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As we all strive to support global and industry initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, our CAN technology has been proven to help customers reduce their emissions.



We welcome collaboration and partnerships with organisations wishing to utilise CAN technology for their own technological advances.



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