Taking the CAN as the foundation for innovation, we use our pioneering spirit to remaster challenges in the pre-rig well construction process.

Adopting a “lego brick” style approach we have created a range of patent protected solutions, which can be combined, and used together with the CAN, to address various wellhead issues.

Our patented solutions

BOP / soft valve landing

A typical BOP weighs between 250 to 450 tonnes. The impact this can have is significant and can potentially lead to instability in the well foundation.

Our soft landing and BOP/X-mas tree support has been carefully designed to transfer the load away from the wellhead. This process ensures fatigue life is improved, which directly results in enhanced well life.

Patent reference: NO331978

(NO, UK, US, AS, BR, CA, CN)

Wellhead support frame

The wellhead foundation supports extreme forces and pressures. The unique architecture of our technology means that the transfer of forces from the wellhead to the template structure occurs above the critical welds that are located under the wellhead.


By using this principle, the critical welds are protected and the fatigue life of the wellhead is increased by an order of magnitude (8-32 times).

Patent reference: NO340947 & NO344358

(NO, UK, US, AU, BR, MX, CA, CN)

Cementing system

With a unique, fit-for-purpose design, the cementing system guarantees full control of the cement level throughout the installation process.

Patent reference: NO341732

(UK, US, AU, BR, CN)

Subsea Template Solutions

Developed to improve safety and well integrity across wells of varying conditions.


These patent protected solutions will result in an estimated rig time saving of 3-4 days per well, or projected savings in the range of 80-100 million NOK per 4 slot template.

The new...

Wellhead Saver System

Designed to re-direct the bending forces from the BOP directly to the well foundation (CAN) it protects the wellhead, conductor and casing from over-bending and over-stressing,
resulting in extended fatigue life.

Utilising these core “components” of technology we have already developed:

Our patented solutions are available worldwide

We're proud to open the door to the next-generation of subsea solutions by offering the licences for our patented solutions, to companies wishing to utilise the benefits for their own technological advances.

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