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Subsea Template Solutions

We have remastered the pre-rig well construction process and design for the subsea template market. 

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Improving safety and well integrity, all our subsea template solutions can be used across wells of varying conditions. 


These patent protected solutions will result in an estimated rig time saving of 2-4 days per well, or projected savings in the range of 80-100 million NOK per 4 slot template. 

Rigid wellhead lock-in

A typical BOP weighs between 250 to 450 tonnes. The impact this can have is significant and can potentially lead to instability in the well foundation.

Our rigid wellhead lock in solution transfer the load away from the wellhead and into the template structure. This process ensures fatigue life is improved, which directly results in enhanced well life. The solution also enable conductor-less drilling.

Patent reference: NO344358

(NO, UK, US, AS, BR, CA, CN)

Cementing system

With a unique, fit-for-purpose design, the cementing system guarantees full control of the cement level throughout the installation process.

Patent reference: NO341732

(UK, US, AU, BR, CN)


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