Wet storage of BOP and subsea trees, eliminating prolonged surface recovery.

BOP and subsea trees are frequently recovered to surface due to unplanned events. Extensive service and testing is typically required before redeployment. By offering a wet storage alternative, CAN-parking can save time and costs when the unforeseen occurs.

The units have a load capacity from 50 to > 500 mT and can be provided with integrated HPWHH and guidepost receptacles for use as a BOP and XT parking position. This is especially useful in field developments with multi-well drilling. 


To ensure we can meet our clients immediate needs, Neodrill have suitable CAN units in stock with short delivery time.  

CAN parking 1.png
CAN parking 2.png
CAN parking 3.png
CAN parking 4.png

CAN-parking pre-installed on seabed

BOP installed/parked by drilling riserv

LMRP disconnected and BOP left on CAN-parking

Parked subsea tree

CAN-parking in action

Utilised for BOP parking in the North Sea

CAN-parking in action_edited.jpg
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