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Transparency Act Declaration

I am pleased to present the compliance report for Neodrill regarding the Transparency Act. This report outlines the measures implemented by Neodrill to ensure transparency in its operations and fulfill the requirements set forth by the act.


Neodrill is a company providing the oil and gas industry with an innovative cost efficient and CO2 reducing subsea well foundation for exploration and production wells, having its office in Stavanger, Norway organized under Norwegian law.



The Transparency Act emphasizes the importance of openness and disclosure in business practices. It aims to promote ethical conduct, accountability, and public trust in organizations. Neodrill, as a responsible corporate entity, has taken significant steps to comply with the provisions of this act.


Policies and Procedures

Neodrill has developed and implemented comprehensive policies and procedures that promote transparency across all aspects of its operations. These policies cover areas such as financial reporting, supply chain management, data privacy, and corporate governance. They are regularly reviewed and updated to align with evolving legal and industry requirements.


Financial Transparency

Neodrill maintains accurate and transparent financial records, adhering to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Our financial statements undergo regular external audits conducted by independent auditing firms. We provide complete and timely financial disclosures, including annual reports, to relevant regulatory bodies, shareholders, and the public.


Governance and Compliance

Neodrill upholds the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance. Our Board of Directors oversees the implementation and enforcement of corporate policies to ensure transparency and accountability. We have established internal controls and monitoring mechanisms to detect and prevent any potential compliance breaches. Our employees receive regular training on compliance-related matters to foster a culture of ethical conduct throughout the organization.


Supply Chain Transparency

Neodrill is committed to promoting transparency within its supply chain. We collaborate with our suppliers to ensure they adhere to ethical business practices, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. We conduct due diligence assessments to evaluate the transparency and compliance of our suppliers in according with our Transparency Policy, promoting fair trade and responsible sourcing.


Data Privacy and Security

Neodrill recognizes the importance of protecting personal data and maintaining privacy. We have implemented robust data privacy and security measures to comply with applicable data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We provide transparent information to individuals about the collection, processing, and use of their personal data and obtain their consent when required.


Stakeholder Engagement

Neodrill actively engages with its stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and the local community. We value their input, concerns, and feedback, and ensure open communication channels are available. Regular meetings, surveys, and other feedback mechanisms are utilized to understand stakeholder expectations and address any transparency-related issues.


Continuous Improvement

Neodrill recognizes that transparency is an ongoing commitment and strives for continuous improvement. We regularly assess our policies, procedures, and practices to identify areas for enhancement. By staying informed about emerging regulations and industry best practices, we proactively adapt our operations to remain compliant and transparent.


In conclusion, Neodrill is fully committed to transparency and complies with the requirements of the Transparency Act. We have established robust policies, procedures, and governance frameworks to ensure transparency across all aspects of our operations. By fostering an environment of openness and accountability, we aim to maintain the trust of our stakeholders.


If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your attention to this compliance report.



Jostein Aleksandersen


Chief Executive Officer


Phone: +47 911 13 138

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