We are dedicated to developing and delivering solutions which support carbon efficient production

Our proprietary CAN technology, and wider subsea solutions, all reduce the CO2 footprint of top-hole construction compared to traditional methods. 

Proven to reduce CO2 by at least 30% compared to conventional drilling, we believe our technology is the best choice available for reducing emissions and supporting carbon neutral operations in top-hole well construction.

How our technology reduces CO2 emissions vs conventional methods: 

  • Reduces rig time by 4 days on average, which decreases the combustion of fossil fuels during operations

  • Reduces the need for steel in well casings

  • Eliminates top-hole cuttings and the disposal of cuttings

  • Removes the need for spud mud drilling fluid

  • CAN units are reusable and have an expected lifetime of 10 wells

Calculate the impact on your well

Together with Asplan Viak, a leading engineering consultancy firm based in Norway, we have created a CO2 calculator. 


Simply provide us with a few essential pieces of information in the form below and we will send you some indicative data which will demonstrate the level of impact a CAN solution could have on reducing the emissions during the top-hole construction of your next well.

CO2 calculator


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Proven to offer 21 – 44% lower environmental impact

The effectiveness of our CAN-ductor technology to reduce CO2 emissions has been proven and quantified by two independent studies, to date.  Looking at a range of environmental factors, not just CO2, we are proud that the CAN-ductor drilling well offers  a 21 – 44% lower environmental impact compared to that typically experience on a conventional drilling well.


The reports have been compiled by Asplan Viak.


CO2 emissions reduced by 32%


The Cambo Well in the UK, was drilled by Siccar Point Energy in 2018.



CO2 emissions reduced by 31%

Repsol’s Kathryn well is located in the Norwegian North Sea.

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