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Longer drilling times and BOP's increasing in weight, result in wellhead fatigue issues. The CAN-WSS protects the wellhead during drilling operations and reduce the wellhead fatigue damage by up to 90%.

Adapting our industry proven CAN well foundation, Neodrill has developed the CAN-WSS (Wellhead Saver System). Designed to re-direct the bending forces from the BOP directly to the well foundation (CAN) it protects the wellhead, conductor and casing from over-bending and over-stressing, resulting in extended wellhead fatigue life.


The CAN-WSS wellhead fatigue mitigation system is a product that is made in collaboration with BakerHughes, and will be available for rent. 



Deployed from vessel or drilling rig and utilised during drilling phase 

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Once deployed the CAN-WSS is connected to wellhead and CAN to divert loads inflicted to the well around the wellhead. 

Protects critical welds and increases wellhead fatigue life 

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The CAN-WSS’s unique architecture protects the critical welds that are located under the wellhead, in addition to the conductor, and casing. 

Simple design installed and activated by ROV 

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Connection of wellhead connector to wellhead by work ROV; and connection of frame to CAN unit by work ROV. 

Ideal when heavy BOPs are used in shallow water 

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The CAN-WSS transfers forces and bending moments from the BOP and riser to the CAN wellhead foundation, improving well integrity and increasing wellhead fatigue life. 


This technology is available for both exploration and production wells; as well as “old and tired” wells that are supposed to be plugged and abandoned. 


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