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Revolutionize subsea well construction with CAN-technology

The CAN-ductor enhances well foundations significantly, delivering operational and commercial advantages for exploration and production wells alike. Reach out to us to discover how we can transform your operations, helping you cut costs and reduce CO2 emissions for your upcoming project.

Over the last twenty years, Neodrill has combined innovation with fresh thinking to reimagine structural well foundations. Its patent-protected Conductor Anchor Node (CAN) technology is used extensively for both exploration and production wells to reduce emissions, costs, and risk. The CAN is a conductor-less alternative to a conventional conductor installed with a vessel, and will also provide a foundation for placing SPS equipment on it like tie in systems and manifolds.

With a track record of 40+ installations in Norway and international, the CAN technology is a widely accepted solution reducing emissions, costs, and risk.


An evolution of existing technology for the ultimate subsea wellhead foundation to eliminate any conductor stability issues.

The CAN-ductor is a suction anchor with one joint of integrated conductor. The load capacity of the CAN allows us to shorten the length of the conductor to one joint. The conductor is integrated in our workshop where we have complete control of the environment. The suction anchor pushes the conductor into the seabed, providing top-hole support for the well. By installing  the top-hole with light vessels, the CAN-ductor ensures that the subsea well foundation is in place before the rig arrives on location. 


Unlike traditional wellhead systems that leave operators with stability uncertainties up to and after installation, the CAN-ductor provides a reliable well foundation with verified high load capacity.

Equinor has purchased a licence to use the Neodrill technology under the brand name CAP-X, and the first use was for a field development on the Bauge field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Meet the CAN

An innovative, proven solution that cuts well construction time and cost, reduces emissions, risk, and improves safety. 

The CAN-ductor creates a smarter well foundation with operational and commercial benefits for both exploration and production wells. 

Operational benefits

Zero rig time: pre-installed by a vessel 

Managed fatigue capacity


Load capacity is calculated and verified


Pre-installed conductor in the workshop, ensures quality and integrity


No cementing or grouting


Easy P&A

Reduces risk due to reduced open-water rig operations making risk management ALARP

Improved HSE

- Hands off conductor installation

- Reduced heavy lifts

- Simplified logistics

- Best available practise

Reduced season dependancy

Commercial benefits

Reduced project execution time

Saves 2 - 4 rig days

Pre-mounted equipment cost savings

Why use a CAN?

CAN technology has the potential to redefine the standard in subsea well construction, as a core product, and an enabler for wider technological advancements.

Take a look at our blog to learn how our innovative solutions deliver value and opportunity.


As we all strive to support global and industry initiatives to reduce carbon emissions our CAN technology has been proven to help customers reduce their emissions.

Path 61.png


Since its first installation in 2006, the CAN has been successfully delivered to 35+ wells. Each installation saves an average of 2-4 rig days amounting to valuable time and resources for operators.  

Path 61.png


Our fastest installation to date - a mere 5 hours.

Path 61.png


A CAN-ductor installed in the Barents Sea for Lundin.

Path 61.png


Demonstrated a successful installation in sand.


With 18 years of CAN installations, we are known throughout the industry as a trusted vendor and partner.

Neodrill CAN illustration

CAN installations worldwide

Neodrill shallow reservoir
10 m

Shallowest kickoff enabled below seabed

Neodrill exploration well conductor
9.18 hrs

Average installation time

From removing the sea fastening to finished penetration

Neodrill exploration conductor wellhead foundation
1500 m

Deepest installation to date

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