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Our focus has always been to create cost efficient, greener solutions for exploration and production wells by enabling pre-rig well construction. As we all strive to support global and industry initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, we believe that ‘do what you can’ should be at the forefront of all our minds.

Do what you CAN.

These may seem like four simple words, but their importance should not be overlooked.  Everyday we have to make decisions, choices which impact the present and ultimately the future. 

It's estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day.  Like selecting and putting together blocks of lego, our choices create different outcomes.  Decisions after all have consequences; some good, some bad, some easy, some hard.  Often it's the hard decisions, the choices which result in a change in status quo, which are the most difficult to make.  Yet these are also the choices which can have the biggest impact and as individuals, companies, governments and nations we need to start making the right choices to support decarbonisation.

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Following this mantra, we’ve developed our proprietary CAN technology, and wider subsea solutions, to make the top-hole drilling process more cost efficient, and the added benefit is reduced carbon footprint of top-hole construction, enabling operators to reduce CO2 by at least 30% compared to conventional drilling.

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We believe that CAN technology is the best choice available for reducing emissions and supporting carbon neutral operations in top-hole well construction.

It directly reduces rig time by 2 - 4 days, decreasing the combustion of fossil fuels during operations. It also reduces the need – and increased production of – steel in well casings, all while eliminating top-hole cuttings and the need for their disposal.

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But this isn’t just about the technological benefits of CAN, it’s about the bigger picture.

It’s about the need for us all to take action in the fight against climate change. Technology like the CAN will help contribute to net zero targets, but it’s up to us all to select the building blocks - to make the right choices, the choices which support decarbonisation.


With such a huge challenge to address we can’t do it all ourselves. No government, organisation or individual can.

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Here are some of the choices we are making at Neodrill to fight climate change.

Our headquarters in Stavanger, Norway is powered using sustainable sources.

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In 2021 we are investing 10+ MNOK in further R&D of top-hole solutions which decrease CO2.

50% of our employees drive electric cars.

We supply sustainability reports for installations to help our clients manage their scope of emissions and reporting.

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