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JPT article – Conductor Anchor Node Optimizes Efficiency of Riserless Deepwater Exploration Drilling

Article written by E. Kopperud, A. Knudsen, S.J. Dybvik, and F. Hardinges, Centrica, and W. Mathis, SPE, NeoDrill and published in the JPT on 01 May 2017

The conductor anchor node (CAN) technology was introduced as part of the architecture for Centrica’s Ivory deepwater exploration well in the Norwegian Sea to optimize efficient operations for the well’s riserless section. The CAN, developed by Neodrill, is a large steel cylinder that is open at the bottom with an open guide pipe in its center. The device sets into the seabed, working similarly to a suction anchor, and carries and secures a well’s conductor (top-hole casing). To view the full article click here.


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