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New generation CAN-ductor with integrated TRAWL PROTECTOR (CTP)

Based on lessons learned from multiple CAN-ductor installations, Neodrill have been working closely with one of our key clients to create the latest generation of CAN-ductor with an integrated CTP.

This is first of the new generation which was successfully installed on the NCS as a single lift from an MSV in early January 2022 for the same Client.

The result of implementing a series of enhancements has yielded operational time savings of 65% when directly compared to the previous installations the NCS and further reduced HSE exposure to personnel and the environment.

CTP overview:

The new CTP is a hinged design that can be quickly opened and closed in two directions using a single guide wire c/w a standard Wepco or Imenco Guide Wire Anchor deployed either from the rig or a vessel.

For further details, The main operations of the new CTP and system interfaces are presented in animation below.

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