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Optimise drilling operations to save costs

CAN-ductors enable pre-rig well construction cuts an average of 2-4 rig days

CAN-ductors being loaded on a vessel

Neodrill’s mission is to make the construction of exploration and production wells cheaper, safer and more efficient by establishing a smarter well foundation. The key to the CAN-ductor’s exceptional cost savings for operators is Neodrill’s dedication to enabling pre-rig well construction.

A technically superior well foundation that is safer and cheaper than traditional well foundations.

Whether you are developing an exploration or production well, the CAN-ductor (Conductor Anchor Node) has been proven in 28 installations to cut cost in the following ways: Exploration

  • Removes 2-4 rig days from the schedule resulting in saved rig time

  • Simplified and more rig-efficient P&A


  • Reduced rig scope / drilling operations by 2-4 days per well

  • Onshore pre-mounting of SPS-equipment

  • Reduced project execution time

  • Accelerated first oil

  • Non-productive time risk reduction

Streamlined installation with CAN-Complete We estimate CAN-complete will reduce the cost of subsea well top-hole and structural foundations by up to 50%. Learn more about the CAN-complete full-service solution >

The CAN's well foundation removes the risks associated with uncertainties related to e.g.: bending, fatigue, load capacity and cementing quality.

The unique design of the CAN lends itself to easy integration of protection structures and efficient pre-installation of other subsea infrastructure equipment like flow lines, etc. As a result, CAN technology now acts as an enabler to other subsea technological advances, leading the way towards the next generation of subsea solution. This extended use of their technology supports Neodrill’s commitment to innovation, and dedication to reducing risk and cost.


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We create greener, cost efficient solutions for exploration and production wells by developing pre-rig well construction.


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