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Optimizing Subsea Development: The Innovation of CAN-integrator

The oil and gas industry's evolution has always been about pushing boundaries, exploring unknown territories, and harnessing technology to unlock the earth's energy resources. At the heart of this exploration and production activity lies the critical importance of a robust foundation - particularly in subsea developments. Neodrill's CAN-integrator technology stands at the forefront of this innovation, redefining what's possible in subsea wellhead systems.

Subsea Wellhead and the Innovation behind CAN-integrator

Subsea wellheads are vital components in offshore drilling, serving as the interface point between the seabed and the drilling operations above. These structures must withstand extreme conditions and pressures, making their design and installation critical for the safety and success of drilling projects. Enter the CAN-integrator by Neodrill, a revolutionary approach that not only strengthens the subsea well foundation but also extends its fatigue life significantly.

Derived from the original CAN-ductor technology, the CAN-integrator is engineered to support the well throughout its lifecycle, accommodating the unforeseen extension of field production life due to advancements in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies and the discovery of nearby resources.

Advantages of CAN-integrator in Oil and Gas Field Services

The CAN-integrator system introduces numerous advantages over traditional conductor systems. By design, it reduces operational costs and environmental impact. Implementations have shown that it can save operators 2-7 rig days on average, a substantial cost-saving in the high-stakes environment of offshore drilling. Moreover, the reduced need for large and heavy conductors, bottom hole assemblies (BHA), and volumes of cement not only minimizes the logistical footprint but also the project's environmental impact.

Subsea Solutions and Systems Enhanced by CAN-integrator

Integrating Subsea Production Systems (SPS) with the CAN-integrator has yielded considerable scope savings. The design allows for the inclusion of guide bases and flow bases directly into the CAN top, streamlining installation and reducing the need for additional structures on the seabed. This integration capability makes the CAN-integrator particularly suited for single and dual slot developments, as well as more complex daisy chain or in-line T developments.

Subsea Development Strengthened by Technology

The strength and versatility of the CAN-integrator have made it a preferred choice for operators looking to future-proof their subsea wells. Its ability to withstand the anticipated casing, BOP, riser, and environmental loading for the life of the field has been a game-changer, providing a level of reliability and safety previously unattainable.

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits of CAN-integrator

Perhaps most notably, the CAN-integrator aligns with the industry's growing commitment to sustainability. Its installation process, which eliminates the need for drilling tophole, running, and cementing conductors, significantly reduces CO2 emissions and environmental disruption. Furthermore, the system's design ensures that 100% of the CAN-integrator can be recovered and recycled at the end of the field's life, contrasting sharply with the less than 10% recovery rate of conventional conductors.

Enabler for potential future rigless exploration wells


With the rigless CAN-ductor well foundation, a platform for future rigless exploration well drilling is created. Leveraging the CAN-ductor further well sections may come in place by use of cheaper well intervention vessels and technologies like casing drilling and coil tubing drilling. Considering well barriers are maintained, this could be a game changer for cheaper and more environmental exploration drilling.



The CAN-integrator by Neodrill represents a significant leap forward in subsea development technology. By offering a more robust, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution, it sets a new standard for the industry. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in offshore drilling, technologies like the CAN-integrator will be pivotal in ensuring that these endeavors are sustainable, safe, and successful.

"With CAN-integrator, we say 'Yes, we CAN!' to a stronger, safer, and more sustainable subsea future."


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