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Recycling CANs

The United Nations' 12th sustainable development goal, Responsible Consumption and Production, is about achieving greater impact with fewer resources. In today's society, we consume far more than the planet can sustainably support. Recycling plays a crucial role in achieving this climate goal. In our daily lives, we are encouraged to recycle various items we consume, such as soda cans and bottles. This provides numerous benefits, including resource conservation, energy savings, waste reduction, reduced carbon emissions, and economic advantages. For the same reasons, Neodrill also recycles its CANs used for exploration wells.

Asplan Viak conducted a life cycle assessment (LCA) comparing conventional top-hole drilling technology with CAN-ductor technology. The report concluded that the recyclable CAN-ductor technology offers clear environmental benefits compared to conventional methods. The report observed that 420 tons of CO2 per well was saved. Since a CAN can be used for up to ten wells, this translates to savings of 4,200 tons of CO2, 390 tons of steel, and 622 tons of cement.

Given today's energy market, there is a strong focus on sustainability and green solutions. By utilizing innovative approaches, the oil and gas industry can become even more sustainable, enabling us to meet the environmental requirements set by the United Nations.


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