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Reduce CO2 emissions by 500 metric tons during well construction

We are dedicated to developing and delivering solutions which support carbon efficient production.

Our proprietary CAN technology, and wider subsea solutions, all reduce the CO2 footprint of top-hole construction compared to traditional methods.

Proven to reduce CO2 by at least 30% compared to conventional drilling, we believe our technology is the best choice available for reducing emissions and supporting carbon neutral operations in top-hole well construction.

How CAN technology reduces CO2 emissions vs conventional methods

  • Reduces rig time by 2-4 days on average, which decreases the combustion of fossil fuels during operations

  • Reduces the need for steel in well casings

  • Eliminates top-hole cuttings and the disposal of cuttings

  • Removes the need for spud mud drilling fluid

  • CAN units are reusable and have an expected lifetime of 10 wells

“Environmental impact is a concern that will only grow in importance and we are very proud to be playing a role in helping the industry transition to cleaner, safer and greener processes. We look forward to working with clients to further improve efficiencies and reduce their environmental impact using our patented technologies.” Jostein Aleksandersen, Neodrill’s Chief Executive Officer

The effectiveness of our CAN-ductor technology to reduce CO2 emissions has been proven and quantified by two independent studies, to date.

Looking at a range of environmental factors, not just CO2, we are proud that the CAN-ductor drilling well offers a 21 – 44% lower environmental impact compared to that typically experience on a conventional drilling well.



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