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CAN by Neodrill: Introduction to a Groundbreaking Well Foundation

In the dynamic world of offshore drilling, the quest for successful and cost-effective well spudding has led to significant technological advancements. Neodrill's CAN-ductor, a market presence since 2006, has been at the forefront of providing strong and stable foundations for exploration and development wells.

Revolutionizing Traditional Well Design

The introduction of the CAN-ductor marks a pivotal departure from conventional well foundation practices. As the industry sees an increase in the size and weight of drilling rigs and BOPs, traditional conductor sections have become increasingly insufficient. The CAN-ductor addresses these challenges by eliminating wellhead fatigue risks, offering a foundation with high load capacity and guaranteed verticality, and saving significant rig time.

Environmental Advantages and CO2 Emission Reduction

A standout feature of the CAN-ductor is its contribution to environmental sustainability, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 500 tons per well. This is achieved through the use of smaller vessels for installing the top-hole section, which significantly lowers CO2 emissions compared to traditional drilling rigs. Furthermore, the CAN-ductor's design for exploration wells allows for 100% recovery and reuse, presenting an eco-friendly alternative to conventional conductors.

Installation and Integration

Featuring a low-pressure wellhead housing and an extension joint integrated into a 6m diameter suction anchor, the CAN-ductor is prepared in a controlled environment to ensure precision. Its pre-rig arrival installation streamlines the drilling setup, moving projects closer to a turnkey completion.

Efficient Installation Process

The CAN-ductor's installation not only boasts efficiency with a 12-hour completion time but also ensures the well foundation remains perfectly vertical. This innovative approach safeguards the foundation against environmental challenges and operational hazards.

Operational and Safety Enhancements

The CAN-ductor significantly enhances safety on rigs by eliminating heavy conductor-related equipment, thus reducing potential hazards. This, combined with logistical efficiencies, underscores the CAN-ductor’s operational advantages.

Global Installations and Further Information

With 45 CAN units installed worldwide as of Q1 2024, primarily on the Norwegian continental shelf and offshore UK, the CAN-ductor exemplifies Neodrill's commitment to innovation. Its flexible installation options provide cost-effective solutions for operators.

Enabler for potential future rigless exploration wells


With the rigless CAN-ductor well foundation, a platform for future rigless exploration well drilling is created. Leveraging the CAN-ductor further well sections may come in place by use of cheaper well intervention vessels and technologies like casing drilling and coil tubing drilling. Considering well barriers are maintained, this could be a game changer for cheaper and more environmental exploration drilling.


Neodrill's CAN-ductor is a beacon of innovation in offshore drilling, promising operational efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability. As the industry evolves, technologies like the CAN-ductor are crucial for responsible and efficient exploration and development.

For more information or to discuss how the CAN-ductor can benefit your projects, Neodrill encourages inquiries and discussions on integrating this groundbreaking technology.


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