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Smart Well Foundation for Field Developments

A month ago, during the SPE Norway Subsurface Conference in Bergen, we presented a paper titled “Smart Well Foundation, the Cost Efficient and Environmental Choice for Field Developments.”

In this presentation we demonstrated the ability to use field proven SPS and CAN technology building blocks, pre-installing equipment on the CAN such as guide base and flow base, to enable:

  • Conductor installation before rig arrival

  • Verified load capacity and inclination before rig arrival

  • Early kick-off

  • Early metrology

  • Schedule flexibility, decouple drilling and marine activities

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • SURF operations prior to drilling the well – accelerated time to first production

  • Optimized well placement – shorter wells

  • No unused spare slots in template

  • Superior wellhead support

  • Trawl loads directly into CAN foundation

  • Reduced CapEx


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