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UTC2022 – June 15 and 16 at Grieghallen, Bergen

Conventional subsea single production well design requires the well to be drilled and completed with the drilling rig (vessel) before flow lines pull-in, connection of umbilical’s, etc. are undertaken with other specialized vessels. This causes not only time delay between well drilling/completion and production start-up, but also adding for way more CO2 emissions. By pre-rig installing a single well foundation with integrated conductor, manifold, pipeline and umbilical tie-in points, this additional CO2 emission and costly time delay can be reduced, and essentially facilitate instant production. Please join us for the joint Neodrill/BakerHughes presentation in room Klokkeklang, 15 June, 15:30 with the title “Satellite tie-back solutions with reduced CO2 emissions and a smaller environmental footprint»


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We create greener, cost efficient solutions for exploration and production wells by developing pre-rig well construction.


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