The core of CAN technology

The CAN basic is the smarter well foundation.


This is the base product from which our other CAN solutions are built.

The suction anchor pushes the guide pipe into the seabed providing top support for the conductor.

The foundation is then a high load capacity, stable platform, for a jetted conductor, or drilling and cementing a conductor, depending on the well requirements.

The CAN is particularly suitable for soft seabed soil conditions, which are often found in the Norwegian Sea. These soft seabed soil conditions may rapidly increase in strength to firm, non-jetable clays, which will stop conductor penetration. However, since CAN offers a large load capacity it enables jetting in conductors in soil conditions by using a shorter conductor if landed in the CAN.


Exploration wells (mainly)


Load carrier for conductor jetting

Jetting conductor benefits

Cost savings

Hanger bolted on conductor

Mitigate risk of landing wellhead into soil

Drilling and cementing conductor benefits

Cost savings

Mitigate risk of top grouting issues

No cement top-up risk

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