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CAN by Neodrill,

the smarter well foundation 

CAN was born out of a determination to reduce cost in well construction. It was developed to facilitate installation of the top-hole with light vessels and thus enable the subsea well foundation to be in place before the rig arrives on location. 


All CAN (Conductor Anchor Node) solutions begin with the CAN-basic, a suction anchor with a guide pipe that extends through the entire length of its body. The CAN-ductor adds to the CAN-basic’s design by integrating one joint of conductor into the suction anchor. During CAN-ductor installation, the suction anchor pushes the conductor into the seabed, providing structural support for the well.  


Since Neodrill’s founding in 2000, we have developed a suite of innovative subsea wellhead system technologies designed to cut well construction time and cost, reduce emissions, and improve safety. 

Equinor has purchased a licence to use the Neodrill technology under the brand name CAP-X, and the first use was on the Bauge field.

Meet CAN


2019-01-22 Conductor hanging next to CAN

In the last 20 years, we have expanded CAN technology from CAN-basic to include a range of wellhead foundation solutions. 


All CAN solutions are built in the Neodrill workshop to be installed by a vessel.

Screenshot 2020-11-27 at 14.51.21.png

The suction anchor at the core of all CAN technology.

CAN-ductor illustration.png

A short conductor integrated into the CAN-basic for immediate top-hole support.

Single Production Well_4x.png

Enables modular field equipment to be mounted on the CAN.

Asset 12.png

Protects the wellhead, conductor, and casing during drilling operations against over-bending and over stressing.



Today the Neodrill team offers a full-service Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) solution. Through long-term cooperation with sub-suppliers and partners, the Neodrill team manages all aspects of a CAN installation - from designing the CAN solution best suited to the soil conditions, to organizing the installation vessel and delivery.

By utilising collective experience and knowledge from previous projects, cost associated with CAN installation projects have been significantly reduced over time, in some cases up to 50%.

CAN complete logo.png


Our patented solutions and technologies are available worldwide. 


We have a strong partner network that enables us to be a global provider of subsea wellhead solutions. 


Neodrill welcomes collaboration and partnerships with organisations wishing to utilise CAN technology for their own technological advances. 

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