Pre-rig top-hole well construction method for subsea wells

Replace rig with vessel and cut several days of rig time

  • Reduced Cost

    Transfer rig activities to vessel

    Save 2-4 rig days

    Easy P&A

  • Reduced Risk

    Verified load capacity

    Increased fatigue capacity

    Higher accidental load capacity

  • Safety/Environment

    Reduced heavy lifts

    Less CO2 footprint

The CAN units are recovered and re-used for exploration wells, for production wells the CANs will remain as a life-long support for the wells.

As the CAN technology will enable kicking off the wells at a shallower depth than for conventional well design, a wider reach and larger drainage area can be attained in shallow reservoirs. Such shallow kick-off is presently being performed in a Barents Sea well through a CAN installed for that purpose in addition to cost cutting reasons.

The CAN technology offers unparalleled load capacities for single production wells, and its unique design lends itself to easy integration of protection structures and efficient pre-installation of other infrastructure like flow lines, etc.