Conventional drilled / cemented or jetted conductors carry risks associated with uncertainties related to bending, fatigue, load capacity, grouting, the cementing quality and top of cement. In addition, the requirement to drill the hole, run the conductor and carry out cementing operations adds valuable days to a drilling schedule.

There’s now a smarter approach.

  • Reduced Cost

    Transfer rig activities to vessel

    Save 2-4 rig days

    Easy P&A

  • Reduced Risk

    Verified load capacity

    Increased fatigue capacity

    Higher accidental load capacity

  • Safety/Environment

    Reduced heavy lifts

    Less CO2 footprint

CAN® (Conductor Anchor Node) is a designed to reduce cost, reduce risk and improve safety.

CAN® is based on traditional suction anchors, which have been used in the offshore industry for more than a half a century, to provide solid and secure mooring points in deeper waters. Adapting these conventional high load carrying, capacity suction anchors, with technology for top-hole well construction, CAN® provides a reliable well foundation for both exploration and production wells.

By having a reliable well foundation there are reduced risks related to the fatigue life capabilities. Typically fatigue issues are most prominent just below the seabed, but with the CAN® the wellhead system is protected by managing the fatigue in a new way.. From a life of well perspective this saves the risk of having to drill a new well if the wellhead system is deemed unviable in the future.

Similarly, uncertainty regarding the load capacity are removed as we can precisely calculate the load capacity of the CAN® once installed.

Challenges relating to the inclination of the conductor are gone as our installation method guarantees an inclination less than a 1 degree.

In addition, uncertainties related to the cementing quality and top of cement (well/soil integration) are removed as CAN® is pre-installed with the conductor in the workshop, ensuring its integrity.

As the CAN® technology is a merger between marine and drilling technologies, smaller marine vessels can be used for the CAN® installation and recovery. Therefore, instead of drilling a 36’’ (42’’) hole, running the conductor and carrying out cementing operations, a vessel is used to install the CAN-ductor ahead of the rig arrival, thus reducing the rig drilling schedule.

Since CAN units can be recovered and re-used in exploration wells and remain in place as a life-long support for the wells in production wells, we firmly believe that CAN® is a smarter solution.