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Wellhead Saver System

With DP operated deepwater drilling rigs increasingly being used on shallow water wells, there is an underlying threat of “drift-off” as well as a reduction in fatigue life of the wellhead.


The Wellhead Saver System protects the wellhead during drilling operations and gives you a virgin wellhead for the production life of the well.

The wellhead is already recognised as the “weak link” in well design; the forces and bending moments placed on it can be critical and cause damage, both in terms of fatigue and structural limits.

Adapting our industry proven CAN well foundation, Neodrill has developed the CAN wellhead saver system. Designed to re-direct the bending forces from the BOP directly to the well foundation (CAN) it protects the wellhead, conductor and casing from over-bending and over-stressing, resulting in extended fatigue life.

As a result, it’s possible to increase the drift off distance limitation of the wellhead system before disconnect, allowing the rig to stay on location and connected to the well in much more severe weather conditions.

This reduces downtime and saves idle rig time costs, resulting in economic and safety benefits.


Ideal when heavy BOPs are used in shallow water

Protects the wellhead, conductor and casing against over-bending and over-stressing

Increases drift off distance limitation of the wellhead system before disconnecting

CAN-ductor replaces conventional top-hole section and is installed from vessel prior to rig arrival

Can be deployed from vessel or drilling rig and connected to HP wellhead and CAN

Simple design, ROV installed and activated

Real time integrity monitoring

Reduces CO2 footprint of more than 30% for the top-hole section of the drilled and cemented well.

This technology offers a true opportunity to transfer forces and bending moments from the BOP and riser to the CAN foundation. This unique architecture protects the critical welds that are located under the wellhead, increasing the fatigue life of the wellhead dramatically.


As well as improving safety and well integrity, the system delivers a variety of commercial, operational, and HSE related benefits over the traditional approach.

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